Wood Vinegar

We are encouraging as many agricultural trials as possible and offering the highest quality Wood Vinegar product produced with the most advanced processor. All of our product is tested before sending, ensuring you a more accurate valuation of using wood vinegar for your specific application.

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1 Ltr  Wood Vinegar

5 Ltr Wood Vinegar

10 Ltr Wood Vinegar

20 Ltr Wood Vinegar

200 Ltr Wood Vinegar

1000 Ltr Wood Vinegar

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Wood Pine Tar

This is “The Finest Stuff” 100% Organic: Authentic Pine Tar also referred as Stockholm tar is a pure, natural wood preservative made in Sweden. Pine Tar has been used since ancient times for creating a water repellent vapor barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. Pine Tar is used for wood preservation on utility and fence poles, cottages, splint roofs, boats et cetera. Pine Tar is an excellent wood preservative and substitute for pressure treated wood. Works well for preserving wood used underground.

wood pine tar
  • “Light” Pine Tar Stain

  • “Dark” Pine Tar Stain

  • “Red” Pine Tar Stain

  • “Yellow” Pine Tar Stain

  • “Brown” Pine Tar Stain

  • “Black” Pine Tar Stain

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